Terminal de Diagnosis Universal TDU_for_PC



Work comfortably from wherever you want without wires. Thanks to Bluetooth ® wireless technology, you can use your own PC. Just plug the module THE_BOX to the vehicle's diagnostic connector.


THE_BOX integration

You will need a PC with Bluetooth to work directly with the diagnostic interface THE_BOX wirelessly.

Integraciòn THE_BOX

Optionally you can connect directly by USB cable.

Software Bertondata

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Description of some functions

Reading and clearing faults
Allows for reviewing the failures stored in any of the supported ECUs and delete them once the malfunctionhas been solved.
Reading values in real time.
You can activate the various actuators to ensure proper operation.
Basic adjustments
In VAG group vehicles initialize components such as the throttle actuator, xenon headlights, steering angle sensor, EGR ...
Simulartion mode
Navigate through the menus of the application without any vehicle connected. In this way you can know about the degree of support for a particular vehicle.
Data recording
Allows for data recording to disc for later analysis in detail.
Up to 200 virtual oscilloscopes can be opened for the graphic representation of the values monitored in real time.
Generation of automatic reports with visual identification, troubleshooting and real values with the possibility to save, retrieve and print.
Quick test
Full and automatic check of the vehicle and all its systems with general and detailed report. Ability to save, retrieve and print.
Hitory of checked vehicles
Direct access to the latest diagnosed systems.
Recommended values
Creation and edition of recommended values, up to 20 different configurations for each system.
Technical Notes
Creation of technical notes associated with faults, elements or actuators.
Direct access to inspection shutdown procedure when it can only be done manually.
USB connection
USB cable connection to THE_BOX interface, in addition to Bluetooth.

Available cables


In addition to the OBDII cable for 12/24V systems, cables are available for brand-specific vehicles which incorporate a non-standard diagnostic connector.

Relación cableado

Upgrade to TDU_NETBOOK

TDU_for_PC customers who are interested can purchase the Netbook by Berton separately to have a Berton unique computer.