Interface THE_BOX


  • The new wireless interface THE_BOX condenses all our knowledge in a single device with a size and weight lower than the previous Telebox.
  • Using a faster processor and new technologies allow for better performance with lower consumption. This is remarkable during the transfer of data and when viewing the information -reading failures, real-time values, etc.-
  • Furthermore, certain protocols such as the old Renix -used in older Renault models- SAEJ1850 -Ford- and Extended-CAN -Honda, Fiat, Land Rover, Volvo, benefit from the new architecture allowing the access to all information in a fastest and reliable way.
  • The new multiplexing electronics allows, among other things, to include the former Mitsubishi communication systems, Volvo injection systems and to access many systems on Mercedes vehicles with 38-pin connector. It is also prepared for future modifications of the communication pins made by vehicle manufacturers without requiring any additional adapters.

The THE_BOX interface acts as a wireless link for our equipes TDU_PC and TDU_PAD, and also for any PC/windows with the Bertondata PC Software installed and any mobile device with Windows Mobile 5.X / 6.X and Betondata Mobile Software.

ComparaciĆ³n Telebox-THE_BOX


More performance, smaller size

Smaller Size

The inner Electronics has evolved to condense and enriching Telebox electronics integrating the brand-specific adapters so it does not require the use of any external adapter for communication with the vehicle's electronic systems.

Comparacion Telebox - THE_BOX

More stability

A greater stability is provided during the interaction with the vehicle so that no reset button is required


Bluetooth y USB Communications


Use your diagnostics terminal comfortably from anywhere in the workshop. The Bluetooth module allows wireless communication up to a range of 100 meters.


PC-based devices also allow for direct connection via USB cable so you can make the diagnosis of the vehicle under any circumstances.